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 Bullseye Mimes and Clowns

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PostSubject: Bullseye Mimes and Clowns   Bullseye Mimes and Clowns EmptyWed Jul 20, 2016 10:18 pm

Alik was enjoying his breakfast, ignoring his wife and twin sons who were fussing at him. " Alik you work too much! You're not thirty anymore, so please slow down!”

“Mama he's not listening to you.” Demyan piped up behind his jam muffin. Lyov growled in irritation.

“Of course not, want me to tell Snowy on you?” Lyov asked.

“Should I be afraid of him?” Alik asked with a barely visible smile.

“Told ya he wasn’t here Tommy.” a random voice piped up. All eyes went to two teenagers who looked...odd. The boy was in mime attire, a worried expression on his face...and the girl was a clown, wearing a lolita dress that was red and pink, her clown makeup perfectly done.

“How did you-?” Lyov asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

“You should really lock your door, especially since a hit is on Snowman’s head.” the clown said bluntly. The twin men looked at each other before looking at the clowns.

“ do you know this?” Demyan asked.

“Tommy knows everything, don't you?” the clown asked the mime. He nodded as he fidgeted. Katerina opened her mouth to speak. “Oh, my name’s Kimmy...and we're twins. He knows everything so people try to make him do bad things, but Snowman and Nobu helped him, and Nobu trained him to fight...gotta find Snowman to warn him. Gotta go.”

“I'm coming too.” Alik decided, before the twins could start off.

“ But Alik-” Katerina began, before he kissed her head gently.

“Don't worry my love, I'll be fine.” he told her gently, making her blush like a teenage girl.

“You'd better, or I'll get you.” she warned.

“ How romantic.” Kimmy cooed, while Tommy looked elsewhere. “ Okay let's go.”

- - -

Nobu peeked at Snowman as he slept peacefully, from the doorway. As usual his lazy ass slept too much. He walked in the room and stuck a plate of steak and eggs by his face. “ Hey, wake up...or I'll eat this in front of you.” he warned darkly.

The assassin’s answer to that, was snatching the plate from him, burying himself in the blankets eating. “'s noon, you need to get up. You can't be seriously this tired.” Nobu scoffed.

“I am...and who's fault is that?” Snowman asked through a mouthful of his steak.

“ shouldn't run so much.” Nobu teased, before smacking his ass.

Snowman was about to answer him, when their window suddenly opened. Nobu had a knife in his hand and Snowman’s pistol was aimed at the window, but when a familiar face appeared they lowered their gaurd. “Tommy?” Snowman asked. The mime nodded with a big smile, climbing in boldly. “ What are you doing here?”

“A hit is on your head.” Alik replied, standing in the doorway with Kimmy.

“A clown?” Nobu asked raising an eyebrow, while Snowman hid more in his blankets.

“Heheheheh...wonder what's under there...” she giggled.

“Kimmy, be a good girl and stop teasing people.” Alik lectured. “This is Tommy’s twin, they came to my house to warn you Snowy.”

Snowman peeked from the blankets. “It's that serious?” he asked. Tommy nodded, before somehow making a visible pair of jeans from thin air. When he tossed them at the assassin, he looked elsewhere while Alik turned Kimmy around, ignoring her giggles.

Snowman stood up and hopped in his jeans, before zipping them up. “ Perfect did you know my size?”

Tommy gave him a knowing smile, before hopping over to his twin, poking her cheek. “Oh stop that.” Kimmy grumped, slapping his hand away. “I don't wanna...” Tommy gave her an impish smile. “Oh fine...meanie...”

“What?” Nobu asked.

“Tommy knows everything, and I can see 30 seconds into the future.” Kimmy mumbled looking elsewhere.

“That's nothing to be ashamed of cutie.” Nobu said gently, before smiling sweetly. “Let me show you something.” he then disappeared and reappeared behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder, bringing a shriek of surprise. “Normalcy is boring, so take pride in your gift.”

“O...Okay...” she mumbled, blushing slightly. Tommy smiled brightly, before kissing his finger and poking her cheek lovingly. “Ewww!” she gagged, her hair standing on end.

Snowman pulled on a shirt and stretched his arms. “ So...who's after me?” he asked.

Tommy stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a poster the size of his torso and unfolded it.

Snowman and Nobu raised eyebrows. “ OOOooohh....guess you pissed him off one too many times.” Nobu laughed.

“I thought I'd be worth more than two billion....” Snowman complained.

“Sorry, but I'm worth twice as much.” Nobu laughed.
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PostSubject: Re: Bullseye Mimes and Clowns   Bullseye Mimes and Clowns EmptyWed Jul 20, 2016 10:20 pm

Snowman opened his mouth to retort that comment...a gun appeared in a window, long after Kimmy had already ducked. Tommy hid his head behind an invisible wall, while Alik stepped out the room. Snowman moved his body away from the window and looked at the mime who looked pretty content with himself. "Show off..."
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Bullseye Mimes and Clowns
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